What is Cyber Security/Information Security?

Cyber security or otherwise known as Information Security is the act of individuals and organisations reducing the risk of cyber crime/attacks by enforcing additional measures as mitigations.

The fundamental principle of cyber security is to secure data, devices and services. Examples of this are your credit card information, mobile device or social media service from compromise or damage.

Cyber Security affects every individual and organisation with an online preference to work directly against cyber criminals. A common target for attacks is personally identifiable information abbreviated as PII. This type of data is anything that can identify you as a person such as your full name, social security number or bank account number.

Why should you care about Cyber Security?

As the internet has grown and become a fundamental part of modern day living so has grown criminal gangs trying to access your data and compromise devices, typically for monetary gain. It is every single persons responsibility to take care of the data they share online and to also protect their data, whether that is your bank account or Instagram page to prevent unauthorised access.

How can you protect your data from Hackers?

There are numerous methods and technologies put in place to protect customers, however not all companies are the same and will have different risk appetites. A risk appetite being how much risk a business can take with not implementing x control where it poses negative affects elsewhere. There are some common methods you can take to protect your data such as implementing multi-factor authentication wherever possible, ensuring a strong unique password for each account you use and installing an a reputable antivirus/antimalware solution on any device such as Malwarebytes.

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